Kenny’s Bed & Breakfasts Mulu

There is a new kid in town. He is the answer to most backpackers dream of cheap stay in Mulu. His name is Kenny. He solves the woes of most tourists for cheap stay.

Come stay at Kenny’s Mulu B&B.

Cheap, Clean, Affordable with private shower and maximum of 3 persons to 1 room.

We have over 10 of such rooms here in Mulu. Why stay at Dormitory when you can have a room with only 2 other persons sharing? Why stay at open space when you can have some good night sleep away from the snoring sound of the other trekkers?

Have a good night sleep before your trekking adventure the next day.

Email or call us now!

Ps: In case you are planning to call us, do note that sometimes we may not receive your call due to limited reception here in Mulu. Email us is best:

Latest Mulu Bed and Breakfasts
Latest Mulu Bed and Breakfasts


Kenny's B&B Mulu
Kenny’s B&B Mulu


Room at Kenny's B&B
Room at Kenny’s B&B


Toilet at Kenny's B&B
Toilet at Kenny’s B&B